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Massage im Louisas Place

Beauty Day

Slow down your everyday life in a relaxed atmosphere and let the soul dangle. Treat yourself with a time out, gain new energy, calm, serenity and strength. We pamper you for a whole day in our exclusive Spa and experience a refreshed and rejuvenated body feeling.

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Flasche Champagner und zwei Gläser

Champagne & Relaxation

The best way to experience Berlin is with a charming companion. We will arrange a romantic setting. The capital provides you with a large variety of entertainment and attractions. Relax after a busy day in our spa.

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The way to yourself

Yoga is the journey and the goal, the semen and the fruit the connection of all elements in the inside and outside. Yoga is more than just a sequence of posture and stretching. It is the path of self-exploration, self-healing and self-awareness. Find together with our Ditte Kotzian the way to yourself.

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