Aromatherapie & Ayurveda

More than sauna & massages at the hotel

Our Rituals

In our wellness area, you will find an extensive range of our rituals based on aromatherapy and Ayurveda. In aromatherapy, specific essential oils are used to promote well-being and health. Ayurveda – the ‘science of life’ – is an ancient Indian healing art.

Choose between various rituals, full-body or partial body treatments. Each ritual is a harmonious interplay of deep massage, rubs, and strokes using warm oil, aroma inhalations, cleanses, and heat & energy treatments.

Only 100% natural, plant-based products in the finest, ecological quality are used. The relaxing, warm atmosphere in our entire wellness area, with touches of gold & tradition, invites you to escape from the daily routine for a while.


Detailansicht Louisa's Rituals Logo - veda -wellness - aroma

Detailansicht Louisa's Rituals Logo - veda -wellness - aroma

Lots of time and space for you

More than just a time out

We believe in the relaxing, regulating and nourishing powers of plants and herbs. That’s why all the Essentials – the products we use and recommend for your skin and body – meet our high ethical & quality standards.

Pflanzenbasiertes ätherisches Öl, welches bei Louisa's Rituals verwendet wird läuft aus Glasflasche

The oils we use are 100% natural, plant-based, organic, and of the finest quality.

A small drop can already have a great effect. Essential oils work in very powerful and complex ways: through aroma inhalation via the respiratory tract or through application to the skin. Depending on whether you like a scent or not, your nose knows and decides which essential oils can support you today.

This is why, in our rituals, you get to choose between different essential oils. You can also choose between coconut, olive, or sesame oil as a base and carrier oil for the massage. Each of these plant oils cares for, nourishes and protects your skin and tissue. In combination with heat and massage, the essential and fatty oils are carried deep into the tissue, where they can unfold their full effect.

All Essentials – our products – that we use and recommend meet our personal high ethical & quality standards.

See for yourself in one of the rituals and let our wellness team advise you on the products. Of course, you also have the option of purchasing individual products.

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Our Specials

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