Louisa´s SPA

More than sauna & pool at the hotel

Louisa´s SPA

Louisa´s SPA has been designed to bridge the gap between mind and body therapies by combining a holistic and biodynamic approach to all treatments.

Choose between various treatments: full-body, partial body treatments or reflexology.  Each treatment is a harmonious interplay of deep massage, in combination with precious oils of natural herbs.

Our concept recognises that optimal wellness stems from a deep respect for the body, mind and spirit. Using the finest ingredients in our oils, we aim to restore your body and mind by enlightening the senses and taking you on a healing journey.

Lots of time and space for you

More than just a time out

Herbs and plant parts contain a multitude of powers that can have a soothing, energising or regulating effect. These powers, captured in natural and vegan products and handmade in Berlin, are now used in one of our targeted massages or a spa ritual.

hand massiert Kopf

Our treatments offer more than a massage and are relaxing, indulging and energising.

By deciding yourself for a treatment, you acknowledge that our emotional, mental and physical health require extra attention. We take the body on a relaxing and purifying journey whilst opening up pathways to assist the mind and spirit to heal.

Designed to warm up the body, release tired muscles and untangle the system’s blockages, each treatments assists in a healthy recovery by restoring energy to the vessel and unlocking those aches and pains.

All relaxation treatments allows the system time to rest, unwind and let go. They clear energy pathways, allowing positivity and well-being to enter the system. A retreat for both the body and mind.

Start into each treatment with a long exhale. Allow your body, mind and soul to calm down and to leave negative feelings behind.  Feeling into self allows you to center yourself and discover a greater understanding of your own ability to balance and heal.

Berlin is always worth a trip

Our Specials

  • You get to visit selected luxury boutiques exclusively and alone, during the day or in the evening after official opening hours.
    From € 899,–
  • To visit Louisa’s Place is to visit Berlin. Experience the Kurfürstendamm, one of the most famous boulevards in Europe.
    From € 600,--