Wellness & massage treatments

Relax in the capital

Experience the wellness concept developed especially for our hotel

In our hotel’s wellness and massage area
and in every ritual, we focus fully on your relaxation.

Place yourself in the trained hands of our wellness team and experience the magical effect a massage can have on your well-being. The special symbiosis of traditional massage and modern treatment, based on aromatherapy and Ayurveda, is tailored to the needs of our modern-day times.

In every ritual, body, mind and soul can be brought into harmony. We give you the time and space to relax in the here & now. Soothing yet invigorating treatments increase the vibration of your cells and thus your natural radiance. You begin to glow from the inside out.  

Perhaps this was also the secret of Queen Louise, who was described as the ‘Prussian Madonna’ of ‘angelic’ beauty? Who knows …

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Come here once, and you’re sure to come again

Rooms & Suites

  • For single travellers or couples: 40sqm with a separate bedroom in some cases.
    From € 135 per room/night
  • At 50 sqm and with a separate bedroom and living room, others would already call this a suite.
    From € 153 per room/night
  • With 60sqm larger than many a Berlin apartment and with space & comfort for up to 4 people.
    From € 171 per room/night